Awkward Family Photos



Everybody has them, those embarrassing family photos hanging around the house that you wish mom or grandma would just throw away. We’ve taken pleasure in bringing to you the Internet’s most complete collection of absolutely hilarious family photos. Click NEXT to continue.

80’s Retro Look

Something looks very suspicious about that man on the left.

Young Professional Couple And Cat

The look on this cat’s face seems to indicate that it is not happy about this photograph what-so-ever.

The Addams Family

These people might be even stranger than the actual Addams family.

Then, And Now

Where did these guys even find that same exact jacket, again. One would think that the first time would be punishment enough.


The entire family seems to be genuinely excited about this photo.

Going For The Beatles Look

These guys were definitely inspired by the Beatles, or at least the dad was and made everyone else get that haircut.

This Is Weird

Being a part of this photograph was likely damaging to some childhoods.

Not Enough Cats For Everyone

Why doesn’t the guy on the right get a cat? If you don’t have enough cats to share with everyone then there should be no cats at all.

Serious About Cats

This family does not joke around at all, when it comes to cats.

Leopard Vests

This is likely the winner for the Internet’s most embarrassing photo.

Look At The Dog’s Face

The dog is lounging like he just ate the whole Christmas ham.

Cancer Sticks

What parent in their right mind would think this is ok?

Crazy Eyes

Well, at least one person is excited about this photo, can you guess who?

When You See It

This might be the Internet’s most awkward graduation photo.

Erased Face

There is at least one person who didn’t belong in this picture.

World’s Strangest Easter

Looking back on it, those kids probably would have just preferred a childhood where they were told the Easter bunny doesn’t exist. Instead, they got this.

Fish Bowls…

These people appear to have thought it would be a good idea to take a family photo with some kind of large fish bowl, or vase, fixed onto their heads. They also left the UPC codes on them.

The Guy Far Left

It seems that everyone was required to wear a silly hat.

No, Just No

This is one of those photos that all of the kids can agree, it has got to go.

Karate Family

The young white belt looks very enthusiastic about this.

Piling On

This looks somewhat uncomfortable for grandpa on the bottom there.

Big To Small

Who dressed the kid in the striped pants and Nike shirt?

The Lizard Didn’t Want To Be Seen

That lizard saved itself some trouble of hiding the embarrassing photographs, by simply hiding its face instead.

A Family And Their Llama

Here is the photo of that time the kids were in a family photograph, with a llama.

That Hair

The expression seems to say that it happened on a snow day.

Monkeying Around

Does anyone know where you can actually get this type of photo done?

Ha Ha!

Can you count how many monkeys there are in this photo?

The Internet’s Weirdest Photo

Looking back on it, those kids are probably pretty upset that this photo was ever taken.

The Outsiders

Whoa, hope nobody makes the mistake of messing with these guys!

They Didn’t Try To Be Weird But Still Were

The kid on the right seems to break tradition, by not having a mullet.

What Came First, Parrot Or Gun

It’s difficult to determine what the message is supposed to be here, are they parrot hunters?

Now We Know Who They Are

Of course by not labeling all the family members with their names, everybody was sure to forget who they are, and that this picture was taken on Christmas of 1997.

Massive Glasses

Yes, I will take the XXXXXL sized glasses please! We have a family photo coming up and I would like to look good for it.


The dad was a ninja turtles fan, but the baby is freaked out by it.


Why is this even a thing?

Look At That!

It seems that no one really took the photo seriously enough to even look at the camera.

World’s Worst Christmas

Well, at least no one was forced to wear a pink bunny suit.

Very Weird

Not sure quite how to put into words the emotions that this photo brings.

This Speaks Volumes

The little boy and dad seem pretty excited, why wouldn’t they be? Promoting world peace and all.

Dad Still Has A Beeper

What does dad still need a beeper for? Now that he has the first wireless phone ever invented. Why does the kid on the right have a landline phone? So many questions…

Picture Frames

Ok we get it, you are in a photo and all have picture frames on your head, so funny and ironic, ha ha.

Yet Another Cat…

Is the focal point of this photo, the dummy, the girl’s giant hair, or the cat?

Looks Comfortable…

We are not sure how one decides upon a bathrobe-themed family photograph, but it’s apparently a thing.

They Were On The “Nice” List

These children will not receive a lump of coal in their stockings this year, they were all very good!

Invisible Girl

So this is what it’s like to feel invisible.

Snake Life

When you are the only one dressed up for the theme of the family photo.

Cinco De Mayo

That kid looks super excited to be wearing a sombrero.

Lost In Space

Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

Matching Glasses

These kids look like a bunch of hipsters with their matching shades.

A Family That Fights Together

We are pretty certain the weapons were props.

Time Out

Apparently “time out” knows no bounds, even when you are getting the family photos taken.

Turtle Necks

Do they even make turtle necks anymore?

From Small To Large

These people were looking like full service bars even before cell phones were invented.

World’s Biggest Hair Dad

Cousin IT ended up in the wrong photo, he should have been joining the Addams Family.

Hoover Vacuum

That is a really nice vacuum cleaner.

Too Small Of Couch

These people are going to need a larger couch, they can’t even smile because the one they have now is so small.

Creepy Wallpaper

That kid looks a little young to be cutting the turkey.

Yoga Family

This family has got some impressive moves.

Grandma Spreading Out

Grandma is clearly taking up more than her fair share of space on the couch.


It seems that nothing will keep this mom and dad awake.