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Man Finds Snake Inside New Tea Kettle

Source: Pinterest

A London man got quite the shock when he went to make a cup of tea using his new tea kettle.

According to UPI, Barry Downs, who has problems with his eyesight, thought the item in his new kettle was a string or piece of packaging. It was only when he picked the item up he realized it was a live snake!

He quickly placed a saucepan lid over the reptile and called for an animal collection officer from the RSPCA to come rescue the runaway critter.

“Barry thought the snake may have traveled from China – which is where the tea kettle was made – but I suspect she snuck into the box at a storage warehouse somewhere in the U.K,” RSPCA officer Ella Davies told the press of the snake, which turned out to be a corn snake native to North America.

“Corn snakes are talented escape artists so I suspect this little one has escaped from a vivarium somewhere,” Davies revealed.

The corn snake was taken to a local animal hospital where RSPCA officers hope to locate its owner.



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