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Find Out Why More Women are Shaving Their Faces as Part of Their Beauty Routine

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Women will go the extra mile to make sure their beauty regimen is on point. Women are already shaving their legs, underarms, even their arms to rid themselves of unwanted hair. Women are now turning to shaving their faces for beauty benefits.

Hollywood starlets Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor reportedly swore by this tip, so is it all that it’s cracked up to be?

Turns out, it has other beauty benefits besides removing unwanted hair. Shaving acts as an exfoliant for your skin and even allows for better makeup application.

Although nowadays most women don’t admit to doing it, as it’s typically used as a male grooming ritual, more and more women are beginning to open up about the non-traditional beauty step.
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Tips: Don’t use the same razor you use for your legs on your face. This razor is too sharp. Use a single-edge, single-blade razor that has a slope to the head for best results. Also, put down the can of foamy shave cream, you don’t need it! Shaving works best on dry, clean skin with the proper razor. Moisture properly after use. Remember, it works as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells so you need to replenish your skin with moisture. No need to do it every day. One to two times a week is plenty for optimal results.


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