7 Reasons You Need More Coconut Oil in Your Life

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Check out the beauty and health benefits of Coconut Oil that prove it’s not just for cooking!

Hair Repair
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If your hair is dry and damaged, fight the frizz and repair your hair with coconut oil. Use it as a hair serum and apply a dime-sized amount to dry damaged ends and fly-aways to combat frizz and increase shine.

All-Natural Shaving Cream
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Toss the expensive and chemical-filled shaving cream and replace it will coconut oil. It will also do wonders for moisture retention.

Hand Moisturizer
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Achieve more youthful looking hands with the use of coconut oil. Standard soaps and moisturizers can actually strip your hands of moisture leaving you with dry, cracked palms. Apply a small drop of coconut oil to your hands after doing a sink-full of dishes and your hands will thank you.

Eye Brightener
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Rub a small amount of coconut oil around your eyes. It contains elements that can reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin that will give your tired, puffy eyes a refreshed look naturally.

Appealing Aroma
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Out of your favorite fragrance? Apply some coconut oil to your neck and wrists and you’ll smell like you’re on a tropical vacation.

Chapped Lips
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Using coconut oil as lip balm can leave you with the perfect pout. If you suffer from dry, chapped lips, use coconut oil for its ultra hydrating benefits.

Makeup Remover
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Try using coconut oil to remove your eye makeup instead of endless scrubbing. Applying a pea-sized amount to a cotton ball and gently sweeping it across your eye can remove even the most stubborn water-proof mascara.