ModCloth Clothing Brand Discontinues Using Term “Plus-Size”



Source: ModCloth
In an attempt to make women of all shapes and sizes feel included versus labeling sections of their clothing “plus-size,” ModCloth clothing retailer is removing the term “plus-size” from their vocabulary.
On their website, ModCloth has removed its “plus-size” category, replacing it will “extended sizes.” The retail clothing brand, which includes everything from clothing, accessories and shoes, feels the need to making shopping more of an inclusive experience. Source: ModCloth
ModCloth founder, Susan Gregg Kroger explained that when a woman has to go to an entirely different section of a store to find specific sizes, it can be a negative experience. “ModCloth has always been a firm believer that types of clothing rather than types of bodies should define shopping categories. ModCloth’s mission is to help women feel like the best version of themselves, and we believe this is another way we can promote inclusively. We view this announcement as an important first step towards creating the most inclusive shopping experience we can for our customers.” Source: ModCloth
In addition, the company released a statement that read, “Nearly 2/3 of women (60%) reported that they feel embarrassed by having to go to a separate store or department to find their size, and 65% would prefer to find their size in the same section with all the other sizes. A growing outcry from the ModCloth community that integration rather than segregation when it comes to shopping for extended sizes is the right thing to do was the company’s motivating factor in taking these first steps.”