Wendy Williams’ Must-Have Travel Items



When it comes to travel, talk show host Wendy Williams has a selection of ‘must have’ items she can’t travel without. In an interview with the New York Times, Wendy revealed the items she always has to pack – and a few may surprise you!
Antibacterial Wipes – Wendy told the New York Times she always packs antibacterial wipes, revealing, “I always have my anti-germ-y wipes, always. And I’m always wiping, wiping, wiping…” Wendy also revealed once she gets to her destination she buys a can of Lysol and makes sure to spray everything down in her hotel room.
Hot Sauce – Wendy loves hot sauce, so much so she makes sure to pack little packets that are TSA compliant.
Robe – “I travel with my own long silk robe,” Wendy told the New York Times. “At the hotel you just never know if the robes have been washed after they’ve been worn by other people.”
Flat Shoes – There’s nothing worse than sore feet when trying to zip through an airport and Wendy always makes sure to have a pair of roll-up flats in her bag to change into.
Wig – “I wear one and I bring the extra one, all the time,” Wendy told the New York Times. “I put it in a satin bag and its as small as a bottle of Snapple.”
Reading Material – When it comes to having something to read on a plane Williams always packs magazines and a good book, telling the New York Times, “It’s usually something sexy and sauce like a Jackie Collins book, and then one urban novel that I will read out loud to my husband.”
Lastly, Wendy always packs Metal Straws, telling the newspaper, “I like a straw. All of a sudden, what are we doing with straws? I’m sitting in a diner in Jersey, I have to beg for a straw!”