The Property Brothers Reveal the Two Paint Colors to Avoid



Source: HGTV
Planning on redecorating your home with a view to placing it for sale? Choosing the right color to decorate your home with is oftentimes a personal decision – a way to showcase your personality. But if you’re looking to sell your home, you may want to choose something that appeals to a broad range of buyers.
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According to Reader’s Digest, there are two interior paint colors The Property Brothers say you should avoid when trying to attract a buyer for your home – yellow and red!
In an episode titled “Condo Dreams” the brothers cast a discerning eye over the homeowner’s choice of yellow and red for interior wall colors, revealing those colors don’t sell in today’s market.
Instead, the real estate gurus suggest sticking to more neutral colors and avoiding bright, primary colors in general. According to Reader’s Digest, the brothers recommend leaning toward minimal decor, including black, grays and whites mixed with wood tones. Homeowners can then decorate with bold colored accents in the form of rugs, pillows and throws.