This Secret Ingredient Takes Boxed Mac and Cheese from Drab to Fab



Source: Getty Images
Boxed Macaroni and Cheese – it’s a pantry staple, beloved by children and adults looking for fast, quick and cheap comfort food.
But when it comes to cooking up that fast and easy boxed Mac and Cheese, it can taste a little boring. However, there is one secret ingredient that will have your favorite boxed Mac and Cheese tasting gourmet in an instant.
According to My Recipes and The Kitchn, the secret is switching out regular milk for buttermilk.
Unlike regular milk, which can be a bit thin and sometimes sweet, buttermilk is lusciously thick with a delightful tang making it the perfect accompaniment to that ubiquitous boxed cheese powder.
Make sure to use the same amount of buttermilk as you would milk for a boxed Mac and Cheese that’s not only creamier, but much better tasting!