This Canned Food is in Short Supply



Source: Getty Images
If you’re planning on whipping up a pan of your favorite corn casserole this Thanksgiving, you may want to start checking out the aisles of your local supermarket now due to a canned corn shortage.
Yes, apparently along with disinfectant wipes and toilet paper, the coronavirus pandemic has also had an effect on canned corn due to early stockpiling back in the spring.
According to the Wall Street Journal, sales of canned corn were up by 47 percent over last year as people started stockpiling non-perishable food items starting in late-March.
Since sweetcorn used for canning is only harvested once per year, the Wall Street Journal reports farmers already had their harvesting plans set in stone and the surge in demand was hard to keep up with.
Adding to the mayhem is transportation issues with trucking companies paring down their fleets. That means fewer trucks available to transport grocery store items.