Floridians Are All About This Side Dish for Thanksgiving



Source: iStock
When it comes to the Thanksgiving feast it isn’t all about the turkey – in fact, a new survey has found that most Americans relish side dishes more than the bird.
Career resource group, Zippia, analyzed Google searches to figure out each state’s favorite Thanksgiving side dish and Florida is all about their sweet potato casserole.
According to Zippia’s findings, Florida’s choice of side dish differs from most states in the south, which generally cite mac and cheese as their favorite.
Across the United States, mashed potatoes took the top spot for most favorite Thanksgiving side dish, closely followed by green bean casserole and the all-important stuffing and dressing.
Indiana and Maine stood out from the rest of the crowd, with Indiana folk choosing deviled eggs as their favorite Thanksgiving side dish and Maine residents opting for a healthy side salad.