This 86-Year-Old Nun & Triathlon Legend is Truly An Inspiration



Source: Rich Cruse Photography
At age 86, Sister Madonna Buder proves age has no boundaries.
Buder has competed in 45 Iron Man challenges, which are comprised of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run, and she doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Buder has even earned herself the nickname “Iron Nun,” for her continued participation and perseverance within the competition.
Buder was featured in Nike’s most recent installment of its “Unlimited Campaign.” The film features Buder doing what she loves, competing; the segment is appropriately entitled, “Unlimited Youth.”
Although Buder has faced challenges throughout competitions, she tells Nike, “The only failure is not to try, because your effort in itself is a success.”
Source: Nike