Things to Consider When You’ve Hit a Weight-Loss Plateau



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Have you found yourself hitting a weight-loss plateau? If you started seeing results with your weight-loss routine, but the scale has hit a stopping point, these might be the reasons why.
1. Keep a Calorie Log Every Day. Source: Getty Images
It may seem tedious, but it’s important if you want to keep losing the “lbs.” At the beginning of a weight-loss journey, the cut in calories and change in lifestyle can jumpstart your journey. If you want to consistently lose weight and not get stuck in the plateau period, keep a daily track of calories. Keep in mind how many calories you are consuming versus how many calories you are burning each day. This will give you a realistic look into your food choices and daily habits to make sure you are making each day count.
2. Change It Up in the Gym. Source: Google
If your gym or workout routine consists of the same 30 minute walk and the same free weight exercises, your body will get used to these motions. In order to maximize your efficiency in the gym, you need to switch up your routine, using different muscle groups. This will not only increase your calorie burn, but will also aid in revving up your metabolism.
3. Take Your Goals Into Consideration. Source: Google Images
Are you looking to loose 5-10 pounds to fit into that wedding dress or trying to lose triple digits to get your health back. Thing about your goals and why you are trying to lose the weight. Envision success and stay on track.