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The Secret to this 71-Year-Old Grandma’s Fantastic Figure

Source: Instagram via @sweetlifeaus

Sporting the figure of a woman half her age, 71-year-old grandmother Carolyn Hartz’s medical journey led her to living a healthier lifestyle – and the effects on her youthful figure are amazing.

After being diagnosed with prediabetes, Carolyn decided to cut out sugar completely from her diet. Soon afterwards she discovered the natural, artificial sweetener xylitol and founded her own company SweetLife which specializes in sugar free products. Since then Carolyn has never looked back on eliminating sugar from her diet.

Along with cutting out sugar, Carolyn also practices mindfullness and meditation and is a huge proponent of getting outside to exercise, rather than hitting a gym. Carolyn prefers to get outdoors and walk, bike, or do yoga.

The busy grandma also knows the importance of protecting her skin from the sun damage. Living in Australia, the effects of the sun can cause premature aging, so Carolyn always makes sure to protect her skin by using sunscreen and wearing a hat.


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