Study Finds Honey Excellent for Treating Colds



Source: Getty Images

If you ever find yourself reaching for hot lemon and honey whenever you feel a cold coming on, you may be on to something.

While honey has long been used as a home remedy for upper-respiratory infections, there hasn’t been a lot of research into how well it works – until now.

A new study conducted by Physicians from Oxford University’s Medical School and Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences found that honey may be better at treating colds and coughs than some over-the-counter medicines.

According to CNN, the researchers found that honey was more effective in relieving the symptoms of colds and flu-like symptoms than some over-the-counter medicines and encouraged doctors to recommend it to patients instead of prescribing antibiotics.

“Honey was superior to usual care for the improvement of symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections,” the study revealed in the journal BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine. “It provides a widely available and cheap alternative to antibiotics.”

“Honey could help efforts to slow the spread of antimicrobial resistance, but further high quality, placebo controlled trials are needed,” the study noted.