Starbucks Releases Festive New Drink



Source: Starbucks
Filled with the festive spirit of the holiday season, Starbucks have released a new drink and surprisingly the taste is more Christmas tree than Christmas cookie.
The company announced the unveiling of their new beverage – the Juniper Latte – revealing, “The notes of evergreen and roasty espresso in the new Juniper Latte pair well with a crackling fireplace and your favorite fleece.”
So just what is inside the new Juniper Latte? According to Starbucks the Juniper Latte contains a hint of juniper and sage, along with an evergreen aroma and citrus note. Made up of espresso and steamed milk, the beverage is finished with juniper syrup and pine-citrus sugar. Many on social media were intrigued by the new drink, a departure for Starbucks from their normal holiday beverages, with a few brave souls willing to try the new Juniper Latte and report their findings on Twitter. Many reported the Juniper Latte tasted delicious, with one Twitter user revealing the drink to be “very refreshing.” Others, however, were not quite as enthusiastic with Twitter user tweeting, “Coming to u from a starbucks barista: don’t try the new juniper latte it tastes like grass and dirt.”