Spring Cleaning? These Are The Dirtiest Things in Your House



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When it comes to combating germs and cleaning the house, you may think your toilet is the dirtiest thing in your home – but think again!

A University of Colorado at Boulder study found that the average U.S. home contains more than 9,000 different species of bacteria, fungi and microbes.

Although it’s important to keep the toilet spick and span there are other filthy, germ-infested areas we are forgetting to clean – such as these:

Toothbrush Holders – they house our toothbrushes, but unfortunately they also house high bacteria levels in the form of coliform and staph. The disgusting reason lies in their normal placement near the toilet. With every flush of the loo, fecal-containing aerosols can be propelled into the air – and onto our toothbrushes and toothbrush holders – ewww. One top tip is to keep your toothbrush and holder safely housed inside a cabinet. Otherwise, make sure to place your toothbrush holder into the dishwasher once a week.

Remote Control – everyone touches the remote control and if it’s not being touched more than likely it in lying on the coffee table, or lost inside a crumb-filled sofa. All of this can leave the remote control laden with germs and bacteria. To clean, simply wipe with an antibacterial wipe once a week.

Dog Toys – does your favorite pet love his dog toys? Chances are your prized pooch wouldn’t love them so much if they knew just what disgusting germs are frolicking on the beloved chew toy. Every time your dog chews on the toy he, or she deposits saliva which then attracts a multitude of germs. To clean hard toys simply place on the top shelf of your dishwasher. Soft toys can be thrown in the washing machine.

Cell Phone – are you glued to your phone? Does it accompany you on trips to the bathroom? According to The Health Site, your phone can be dirtier than a toilet seat, revealing, “studies show that 92 percent phones have bacteria on them with 16 percent containing E.coli, bacteria found in feces.” Simply wipe your cell phone down daily with an antibacterial wipe and refrain from bringing it with you when you have to use the toilet!

Door Knobs and Light Switches – it goes without saying we are constantly touching our door knobs and light switches throughout the day and all that touching means one thing – germs. According to Bustle, “doorknobs are the most germ ridden items in public buildings. And, if you don’t wash your hands before coming home and touching your own door knobs, you”re inviting tons of potentially contagious viruses into your home.” Make it part of your weekly cleaning routine to wipe down all door knobs, light switches and fridge, stove and oven handles with an antibacterial wipe.