Kelly Ripa Reveals Why She Quit Drinking

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Kelly Ripa has opened up about her decision to quit drinking, revealing the move wasn’t intentional.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan host told People it all started three years ago when she and a few girlfriends decided to quit drinking for a month.

“I did a sober month,” Ripa told People. “All my girlfriends did it, we all did it together, and I just never went back to it. It wasn’t even really a thought process. It felt great, I felt like I looked great, I felt like I didn’t feel hungover.”

“Not that I was a heavy drinker – I wasn’t someone who got drunk – but even like two glasses of wine at a girl’s night out dinner; I would feel it the next morning,” Ripa revealed to People. “I just didn’t really feel the need or desire to go back to it. It wasn’t really a choice or a thought, it was ‘yeah, I guess I don’t drink anymore.’”

The 49-year-old has also added a vitamin regimen to boost her health, telling People, “So much of my life has been devoted to having the perfect diet, having excellent nutrition, having a fitness routine I can get behind and practice every day, and I do, I exercise seven days a week. I rarely have a cheat day, diet-wise. I’m pretty stringent about taking care of myself a certain way. But [vitamins were] the one thing that seemed so overwhelming to me, and so mind-numbing.”

The star, who is now a spokesperson for Persona Nutrition – a personalized supplement program, said of the company, “They basically fill in all the gaps for you. If you’re eating a plant-based diet, you may need supplements to fill in the gaps. If you’re not sleeping well, you may need a melatonin or a CBD supplement to fill in those gaps. I feel the difference.”