Say Goodbye to PMS with These Tips & Tricks



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It’s inevitable, every month women deal with the negative symptoms associated with PMS. Alleviate symptoms such as bloating, irritability and cramps with these tips and tricks.

Supplements & Pain Relievers
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Add supplements and pain relievers to your daily routine during this time of the month to help with those annoying headaches and killer cramps. Take an NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) such as Ibuprofen. Take a fish oil supplement, which is rich in Omega-3. Research shows an increase in Omega-3s can help with painful periods. A B6 vitamin can also help in increasing your energy levels when you’re feeling drained.

Avoid Too Much Salt or Sugar

Minimize salt intake during this time to help with the inevitable bloating. Stick with whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Too much sugar can cause spikes in blood levels and will affect your mood.

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The week prior to your period, your mood can suffer. Minimize your crabbiness and irritability by getting to the gym. Even if its a walk around the park, any form of exercise will naturally increase endorphin levels and leave you feeling like yourself again.

Utilize Stress-Reducing Techniques

PMS can give a feeling of stress and anxiety on top of your physical symptoms. Try different activities that can help decrease stress. Whether it’s getting a massage, meditating, reading a book or relaxing with your girlfriends, do what you can to keep you feeling at ease mentally and emotionally.

Get Plenty of R&R
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Getting plenty of sleep and rest during this time of the month will help regulate your body and keep your body in balance. Being sleep deprived can be a mood-killer. Combine that with the already mood-affecting symptoms of PMS and you’ve got a double whammy.

Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

Too much caffeine can put you on an emotional rollercoaster. Alcohol is a depressant and can further put a damper on your mood.

Up your Fiber Intake

Some women experience stomach discomfort such as diarrhea, gas and constipation. Add some extra fiber to your diet to help with your tummy troubles.