Miley Reveals Meaning Behind ‘Malibu’ Hit



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Miley Cyrus has finally revealed the meaning behind her hit song Malibu and it reads like a twist from a romantic movie.

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The star opened up to Howard Stern on his radio show about the song and how it goes back to when she and Liam Hemsworth originally broke up in 2013.

“When we broke up, he wanted to get away from me,” Miley told fans. Because she already owned a home in Studio City, Liam went house-hunting in Malibu. Little did he know the Malibu house he fell in love with was actually the same property Miley recorded her first album – Meet Miley Cyrus in!

The cunning seller hid all plaques pertaining to Miley’s recording in the garage in order to seal the deal, with Liam not realising the connection until he moved in.

“So then he went to move in and was like – I cannot get away!” Miley told Howard.


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The couple, who are happily engaged, now reside in that very same house in Malibu!