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Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss You’ll Love!

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Want to cram a whole lot of vitamins and nutrients into one low-calorie drink that tastes delicious? Check out these juicing recipes that will help you shed the pounds.
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The Hulk
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The Hulk delivers a fistful of fruits and veggies containing gut-busting, uber-hydrating qualities.

What You’ll Need:
2 small green apples
1 lemon, peeled
½ cucumber
6 stalks celery
6 large pieces of kale
1-inch piece of ginger

(1-2 Servings)

Blueberry Punch
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Gather these ingredients into your juicer for a sweet treat packed full of antioxidants, iron and protein. Did I mention it tastes delicious?

What You’ll Need:
½ small daikon radish
½ cup blueberries
1 cup kale
1 cup spinach
2 green apples

(1-2 Servings)

The Mood-Booster
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Chances are if you’re replacing meals for a glass of fruits and veggies, you tend to get a little cranky. Here’s a mood-boosting juice that can help keep you on track.

What You’ll Need:

1 large beetroot
2 grapefruits
3 red skinned apples
2 radishes
2 carrots

(3-4 Servings)


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