Jimmy Kimmel Shares His Kids Favorite Pasta Recipe



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Jimmy Kimmel is helping parents of picky eaters get through social isolation by sharing a pasta recipe his kids can’t get enough of.
The late-night host shared his recipe via Instagram, revealing, “By request, this is my recipe for Pasta Tina, it’s one of the few things my kids eat.”
The recipe only calls for six ingredients and Kimmel told fans he “cooks it almost every day.”
Featuring just pasta, a can of cannellini beans, chicken or vegetable base, garlic, olive oil, and freshly grated parmesan cheese, Kimmel revealed his children made up the name for the dish because he used to make it with pastina – a tiny type of pasta loved by kids. However, Kimmel now uses larger pasta shapes such as cavatappi.
The kid-friendly recipe calls for pureed cannellini beans, to give the pasta a healthy creamy sauce. Kimmel told fans he will sometimes puree an egg and add it for a little extra protein if he’s cooking the dish for himself.
Earlier last month, Kimmel also revealed he is a secret baker by sharing some photos of his homemade bread.
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Stay home and bake bread

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“Stay home and bake bread,” Kimmel urged fans.