Hilarious Animal Photobombs



It’s raining cats, dogs, horses, giraffes and even hippos in this collection of hilarious animal photobombs from around the world. These photos show proof that every animal species can master the art of photobombing to perfection. Prepare for laughter, as you travel through the funniest animal photobombs ever taken. Click NEXT to continue.

Babies, completely oblivious when giant bears are behind them.

The penguins have actually been trying to ditch this guy for a long time.

Until giraffes do us part? The giraffe might be a big hit at the reception actually.

Just ignore the singing camel, he does it all the time.

There seems to be some type of food off camera that both cat and dog would like to have.

Possibly one of the smartest cats in the world.

The story here is not that the cat’s photo got interrupted, it’s that the cat has not been getting much sleep since the dog came around.

Can someone please keep the cat out of the medicine cabinet?

This little girl is all like “pffft, whatever cheetah.”

This deer is super happy! Now if the girl would just stop jumping into its picture!

Something tells me that these humans will not last very long if they continue to hang around this dog.

Okay so the dog did a pretty good photobomb here, but what is the deal with those boots?

Ever since the baby has come around, this doggo is feeling left out….

He’s really been focusing on eating healthy and exercising, can you tell?

At such a young age, this pup already knows the string pull move.

Not really much to photobomb here, but they are both super cute!

There is something not quite right about this baby!

The dog and the fish pretty much have the same facial expression.

These doggos are super excited to be having their hair cut into the shape of a Q-tip!

It’s hard to find words to explain what exactly just happened here.

This dog has advanced past the yellow snow stage.

Doggo seems rather casual about what he is doing here!

Just a donkey riding a bus, nothing to see here.

Not only did this duck execute the perfect photobomb, but he was blue and wore a tiny skull bandana when he did it!

We’ve found evidence to support that humans came from fish!

This seems like it has been a long time coming.

In case anyone was wondering what humans would look like if their faces were replaced with a frog.

Can someone help this guy out please?

Life doesn’t get much better than having a giraffe stick its head through your sunroof.

Check out those ducks in the background who are photobombing!

We feel for you doggo, we really do.

Who doesn’t actually want a cute little baby goat standing on their head though?

When you and your best friend are thinking the same exact thing!

Great, who invited these guys to the party again?!

This is terrifying, but the goat doesn’t seem to mind!

Something tells me that this guy would be in danger if it weren’t for that glass protecting him.

Chill out kid, the horse is more scared of you than you are of it…and so are we.

These two must have met on one of those online dating websites.

This little girl is actually really lucky that this nice horse took such a great photo with her.

Okay, this horse looks like it might be under the influence.

There’s just something about cameras, when a horse knows there is a picture being taken it has to make sure you see all of its teeth.

We would be just as upset as you if we had to hang out with this guy, doggo.

This is what dogs look like when you tell them you’re going to the dog park, and actually go to the dog park!

This is what dogs look like when you tell them you’re going to the dog park, and go to the vet instead.

You will soon find out just how wrong you are about the Lakers!

This doggo is just as happy as can be!

Selfie sticks were practically invented for the sole purpose of taking a selfie with a llama.

It appears there are some humans who are trespassing.

This looks like a lot of fun!

These two were meant for each-other, they also look pretty much the same!

With the look on that ostrich’s face, I would probably be crying too.

It wasn’t your food to begin with, kid.

When you throw a birthday party and everyone you invited shows up!

This Panda seems to have some experience in posing for photos.

Oh well, those people needed to be blocked out in this photo anyway!

What is this deer trying to hide?

Quite possibly the best timed photo on the entire internet.

Not sure if it’s the shark or the human who is photobombing here.

This might not be the best idea.

When you photobomb the class trip but you’re super cute so it doesn’t matter.

This must be a distant relative of the “jackalope.”

Don’t feel so special, humans, someone on the other side of the camera probably had food.

This is what it looks like when the turtle is in your crew.

These chickens are inspecting the humans very closely.

Something about this picture makes me want to buy “aaaaflack” insurance, can’t quite put my finger on it though.

When the walrus is trying to eat healthy but can’t stick to its diet and doesn’t want its picture taken.

These two have absolutely no sense of humor, whatsoever.

Quite possibly the most photogenic wombat ever seen.

Someone in this car must have had some fruit stripes gum!