Give Your Boobs a Boost Naturally With These Exercises

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Want to add more cleavage naturally? No need to go under the knife, try some of these exercises that will give you a perkier bust line in no time! Remember, start with smaller weight and work your way up. Try less weight and more repetitions for a longer leaner look.

Floor Chest Press
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With your knees bent and back flat on the floor, raise your dumbbells in the air to the ceiling and gently lower back down to the floor.

Open Chest Fly

Using an incline bench, take dumbbells in each hand with palms facing forward.

Push Ups
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Remember if you can’t do a regular push up, drop down to your knees to receive the same benefit.

Bent Over Chest Fly
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Stand with knees slightly bent and bend slightly over while keeping your back straight. Extend arms out, keeping elbows at a slight bend.