Do You Live in One of the Happiest and Healthiest States?



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It’s that time of year again when we find out just how our home states rank when it comes to being happiest and healthiest in the country, thanks to Gallup-Sharecare State of American Well-Being Rankings. According to Today, the 2017 list has been released and not surprisingly Hawaii makes the top five as it has done consistently over previous years. However, this year sees a tie for first place – and the results may surprise you.
Two states tied for first place in the study which measures how Americans feel about their social connections, physical health, community, finances and sense of purpose. Residents of South Dakota and Vermont have been named tops for living in the happiest and healthiest states.

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“For those of us who follow this closely over the year, it’s not a surprise to see South Dakota and Vermont sharing that perch,” Dan Witters, research director of the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index told Today. “They both have a lot of good things going for them.”
According to the results reported on Today, residents of Vermont enjoy a lot of supportive relationships, whereas South Dakotans love what they do and report very little stress.
Hawaii, Minnesota and North Dakota made the top five list, with Colorado coming in sixth.
West Virginia landed at the bottom of the list once again, with Ritters telling Today its ranking is a result of obesity, smoking, depression and a sharp rise in diabetes. West Virginia is joined in the bottom five by Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma.