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Healthy Tips for Navigating a Chaotic World

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We all have moments where we struggle with life in general. Whether it’s stress at work, unexpected health issues, too many constraints on our time, or family issues, finding joy during these lackluster times can be hard to achieve – but there are some things you can do to help navigate chaos in our lives.

Stop Overthinking

It’s perfectly normal to overthink and feel anxious during stressful times, but unfortunately that just adds to feelings of helplessness. Instead refocus your mind on something that you enjoy whether it be a good book, yoga, meditation, taking a walk outside or chatting with a close friend.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

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During periods of intense stress it can be difficult to remember all of the good things we have going on in our lives. Each night jot down one thing you are thankful for. Over time the simple act of writing down the good things we have in our lives will help create a more positive outlook.

Less Things, More Experiences

When times get stressful, or boring we tend to want to fill the void with material objects. Instead focus on participating in different experiences with close friends, or family. Not only will the experience help take your mind off of the mundane, you’re also creating memories that help forge deeper connections with those we love.

Cut the Need to Make Decisions

Sometimes when we are depressed, or stressed the mere time needed to make a decision can be tiring. Instead streamline the need for choice. Cull your wardrobe down to the items you actually wear and love – even better, adopt a “uniform” – a signature style you’re known for. Same goes for your purses. Find a purse you love in a neutral color that goes with everything and stick with it. Food choices can also be streamlined by creating a menu plan each week and grocery shopping according to that plan, or try using a meal delivery service.

Appreciate Simplicity

Learn to appreciate the simple things in life. When everything is hectic and rushed we forget to notice the beauty around us. When work is stressful, keeping your home a decluttered haven to relax can be a real calm booster. Try removing excess clutter from the home and invest in some scented candles and a fluffy throw to help make the home a relaxing, peaceful sanctuary.

Cut Down on Social Media/News Channels

We are bombarded by news 24/7 – whether it’s natural disasters, divisive politics, or crime, it can have a detrimental effect on our mood. Constantly scrolling through social media can also create feelings of envy when we compare ourselves to others who, on the surface, appear to living fabulous lives. Instead of being constantly glued to phones, tablets and television, take a break throughout the day.


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