Dentist Reveals Worst Halloween Candies for Your Pearly Whites



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With Halloween Trick or Treating right around the corner a dentist has revealed the 9 worst candies for teeth.
Speaking to AOL Lifestyle Dr. Ramin Tabib said it’s important to let kids enjoy the Halloween Trick or Treating experience, but to “make sure they brush their teeth for a longer period than normal to remove any remaining sticky candies left behind.” The same goes for adults who enjoy the sweet tooth Halloween holiday.
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But when it comes to Halloween candies there are some naughty dental culprits. Dr. Tabib told AOL Lifestyle “The worst candies are the ones that linger around, or the ones that are in contact with teeth for a long time and constantly bathe the teeth with sugar and feed the cavity causing bacteria.”
Making Dr. Tabib’s list are:
Nestle Butterfinger Swedish Fish Lollipops Tootsie Roll Sour Patch Kids Laffy Taffy Jolly Ranchers Caramel Chews Gummy Worms
Dr. Tabib told AOL Lifestyle there are some candies parents can feel ok with their kids chomping on, including goodies made with dark chocolate and stevia.
“Dark chocolate contains naturally occurring polyphenols that limit the bad effects of sugar,” he shared with AOL Lifestyle, adding parents should be on the lookout for “candies that are sweetened with Stevia that are naturally occurring and won’t promote cavities.”