Demi Lovato’s Hollywood Home Hit By Would-Be Burglar



Source: Reuters
Demi Lovato’s Hollywood Hills home was hit by either a possible burglar, or Peeping Tom – but thanks to Demi’s dogs the man’s efforts were thwarted.

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Fortunately, Demi was in Boston when the incident occurred, promoting her new single “Sorry, Not Sorry.”
It all happened Tuesday night when the would-be villain scaled the security gate at Demi’s home carrying a ladder. According to TMZ the man was wearing all black and a baseball cap and made it to the balcony of Demi’s home.
TMZ reports Demi’s dogs began barking furiously, alerting her house manager who walked over the balcony only to see the man peering into Demi’s bedroom. The house manager called 911 and the man fled before the cops arrived.