Dave & Buster’s Launches ‘Spring Break For All’ With DJ Pauly D



Dave & Buster
Dave and Buster’s on Tuesday announced Spring Break For All with DJ Pauly D, featuring an all-inclusive Spring Break Pass and a new limited-time 4 Sho’ menu inspired by the Jersey Shore star.
I’ve lived my life like one big Spring Break, DJ Pauly D said in a statement. So when Dave & Buster’s asked me to join their movement to help bring Spring Break to all ages, it was a no-brainer to team up.
Spring break has been enjoyed by countless generations of students, enjoying a week off school to enjoy the warming weather after a long winter, but Dave and Buster’s says adults should get to enjoy spring break, too.
Our ‘Spring Break for All’ movement embodies our belief that fun is all-inclusive, said Megan Tobin, Chief Marketing Officer for Dave & Buster’s. And until Spring Break is officially for both adults and kids, our hope is the new Spring Break All-Inclusive Pass and 4 SHO’ limited-time menu will have your entire family and crew joining the movement.
The All-Inclusive Spring Break Pass offers ten days of unlimited games plus free chips and queso for just 8$ per day.
Fans enjoying their spring break PTO (play time on) at Dave and Buster’s will also be able to experience the limited-time 4 SHO’ menu inspired by Pauly D. The menu includes two new cocktails, the Bacard√≠ Mai Tan and the DJ Pauly D Coolada, along with the non-alcoholic specialty beverage Ocean Berry Blast. The menu also features Funnel Cake Fries with a variety of dipping sauces including melted chocolate, caramel and whipped cream.
As part of their Spring Break For All campaign, Dave and Buster’s is calling on spring break lovers across the country to sign an [online petition](https://www.daveandbusters.com/us/en/newsletter-subscription/sbmovement) to make spring break an official holiday.
The new Spring Break Pass and 4 SHO’ menu will be rolling out at Dave and Buster’s locations nationwide this month.
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