TikToker Takes His Son To Get Nails Done After Teacher Told Him It’s Only For Girls



A California man took his 3-year-old son for a manicure and pedicure after he came home upset that his teacher told him painted nails are just for girls.
Christian Shearhod, a Los Angeles County teacher, posted a TikTok video of his trip to the nail salon with his son, Ashton, who sports blue-green hair.
“My son came home from school really upset because his teacher told him that painting your nails is only for girls,” Christian Shearhod, a Los Angeles County teacher, says in the opening of a TikTok video. “So today Im taking him to the nail shop.”
Shearhod takes his son Ashton, who is sporting blue-green hair, to the nail salon. Ashton selects a bold pink shade of polish. He asks for both his hands and feet to be painted, and giggles in anticipation.
“Its the same one,” Ashton says excitedly, pointing to Shearhods girlfriend, Eden, who also chose pink polish. While his toes are being painted, Ashton blows on his fingernails to dry them like an old pro, and Shearhod jokes that he has “no idea where he learned this at.”
At the end of the experience, Ashton shows off his freshly polished nails for the camera.
“Let little boys like what they like,” Shearhod wrote in a caption. “Trucks, Spider-Man, Paw Patrol &&& maybe painting his nails.”