Country Time Lemonade Starting Legal Fund for Fined Lemonade Stand Operators



Source: Country Time LegalAde
Country Time Lemonade brand think all kids should have the right to run their own lemonade stand and have created a legal fund to help kids obtain permits and pay fines in order to operate their own stand. Country Time have named their new legal fund “Legal-Ade” and their new legal group will cover fees up to $300 for lemonade stands that were fined in 2017 and 2018 and for permits bought this year, according to CNN.
“When we saw these stories about lemonade stands being shut-down for legal reasons, we thought it had to be an urban myth,” Adam Butler from Kraft Heinz, Country Time’s parent company, told CNN. “After looking into it and seeing even more instances, we realized they weren’t myths, they were real stories. A very real response seemed the best way to shine a light on the issue.”
“Life doesn’t always give you lemons, but when it does, you should be able to make and share lemonade with the neighborhood without legal implications,” CNN report ‘Legal-Ade’s’ website as saying. “That’s why we’re here to take a stand for lemonade stands across the country.”