Chrissy Teigen Celebrates 6 Months of Sobriety



Source: Getty Images
Chrissy Teigen is celebrating a big milestone – six months of no alcohol!
Teigen took to social media to give fans an update of how her sobriety journey is going, revealing, “I am happier and more present than ever.”
“6 months no alcohol!” Teigen captioned a series of pictures of herself looking svelte in black jeans, a black crop top and brown suede jacket. “Honestly kind of sucks saying it because even though I don’t ever crave it now, time has not exactly flown by haha.”
“I prob won’t be excited til a larger milestone like at leasssst 5 years, and sometimes I don’t even know if I necessarily won’t ever drink again?” Teigen opened up in the candid post. “I have no idea what I’m doing honestly, but I do know a few things: I now have endless energy, way less anxiety (no more benzos!) and I am *happier* and more present than ever. It’s pretty cool.”
Teigen told fans she is looking “forward to having my full body reset after 1 year, then reevaluating to see my new hopes and wishes for the future! Let’s goooo.”