Bravo’s New Reality Show Takes Minimalism to the Extreme



Source: BRAVO
Bravo’s new reality television show takes a look at how much “stuff” we truly need in our lives by taking minimalism to the extreme.
Based on the hit Danish format, Stripped explore people’s relationships with their belongings by taking away everything they own, including clothes, furniture, money, cell phones and all other possessions, for 21 days. Each participant is allowed to keep toilet paper, food rations and water. During those three weeks the initially naked participants are expected to go about their normal daily lives minus their belongings. Each day they get to pick one item they cannot live without as they inevitably show what is truly important to them.
“This is a fun and intriguing new space for the network,” Bravo’s Shari Levine said. “It looks and feels different from our other offerings, but the core of “Stripped” is pure Bravo. It captures entertaining stories of real people undergoing dramatic life changes. This is not a competition, there are no prizes, yet each person walks away with more insight than they could have imagined.”
Stripped airs Tuesday evenings on Bravo.