Beauty Hacks You Can’t Live Without



Source: Google
Always rushing in the morning to get to work on time? Is your beauty regimen too time consuming? If you want spend less time on your beauty routine, but get the same results, check out these awesome beauty hacks that will literally change your life. Soak Nails in Ice Water Source: Google
Sick of waiting for your nails to dry? Expedite the process by sticking your fingers in ice water after applying a fresh coat of polish to speed up dry-time. Bobby Pins are Your Friend Source: Google
You can transform the look of your hair simply by using bobby pins. Leave that limp ponytail at home and create a cute, fluffy, fuller look by inserting pins around the base of your hair tie. Use Face Cleanser on Your Makeup Brushes Sources: Google
For a cleaner, easier application of makeup, wash your brushes with a mild cleanser. This will help minimize your breakouts, thus creating less need for all the concealer. Avoid the Frizz Source: Google
Leave the frizz behind by drying your hair with a t-shirt versus a thick terry cloth towel. Using a cotton shirt will suck less moisture out of your hair and leave you with shiny, silkier mane. Dry Shampoo Source: Lydia Hudgens
If you’re not already on the dry shampoo bandwagon, you need to be! Dry shampoo allows you to skip washes, leaving you with healthier hair. It will add volume to your do, and save you from spending hours washing, drying and styling. Use Heat on Your Eyelash Curler Source: Google
Use a hair dryer to heat up your eyelash curler prior to using it to achieve lashes that curl easier and stay curly longer. Tea Bags for Under-Eye Area Source: Kathleen Kamphausen
Need a way to fix your tired, puffy eyes without using a gallon of eye cream and concealer? Take five minutes and hold tea bags directly under your eye. The caffeine will naturally help you regain that refreshed, well-rested look.