Banish Belly Fat with These Top Tips



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With bikini season just around the corner, many of us are looking for ways to whittle down our waist and trim the tummy that’s been hidden under forgiving winter clothes for the last few months.
Although many products promise to banish belly fat in just a few short days, in reality tackling the abdominal area takes effort and around eight weeks to see the results of your hard work.
Start incorporating the following top tips now in order to be bikini ready for swimsuit season.
Limit Sugar
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Me on the left was the end of July. I felt kind of like a fraud because I am a health coach and I just gained all this weight. But I also felt good, I was still really healthy and active and I know that healing isn’t linear. . . When I started my business, for some reason my sweet tooth got bigger. I was trying to find healthier sugars to curb my cravings, but sugar is sugar. . . In the last couple of months, I have been working on drastically reducing refine sugars from my diet (absolutely no artificial sugar 🤢). The only sugar I have had is in fruits, kombucha, a couple pieces of candy on Halloween and a muffin I had the other day. . . It’s working! I have noticed not only am I losing some weight, but my skin is getting better. Usually this time of year my skin is HORRIBLE, right now it’s just a little dry in spots. . . Me on the right was taken two days ago. I am about 2 or 3 lbs away from being where I was before I started my business. Yay!!! . . Now I am going to concentrate on working out more and building some muscle! 💪 . . I am going to have a podcast episode out sometime this week all about sugar and tips on reducing sugar. So keep an eye out for that. 🎙 . . . . . . . #anxiety #anxietycoach #healthcoach #holistichealthcoach #limitsugar #cuttingsugar #beforeandafter #transformation #gettingthere #gettingthereslowly #yay #holistichealth #holisticliving #holistichealing #holisticnutrition #selfie

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We all know that sugar can be bad for our bodies, but research shows sugar can lead to increased fat stored in our abdominal region. Not only is eating too much sugar bad for our insulin levels, but it also has no nutritional value. Experts agree we all need to limit our sugar intake, in particular, sweetened beverages with hidden calories. If you feel those sugar cravings hit reach for a square of dark chocolate or a handful of berries instead of that donut!
Limit Calories
If you really want to whittle down a pudgy tummy you need to limit the number of calories you are consuming in a day. Expending more calories than you consume will help shed body fat. Just make sure you don’t consume less than 1200 calories per day. Eating less than 1200 calories per day can actually slow down your metabolism.
Say Hello to Fiber
Fiber is your friend – and it’s also great for eliminating belly fat. Loading up on healthy sources of fiber, such as 100 percent whole grain bread, whole grain cereal, beans, leafy greens, and sweet potatoes will help keep you full and less likely to binge on easy-to-grab unhealthy snacks.
Incorporate Weight Training
Yes, cardio is important in slimming down the waist, but so are weight training exercises. Your weekly workouts should involve both cardio and weight-bearing routines. Building muscle is important because muscle helps burn more calories. Incorporate strength training exercises such as squats, planks and overhead presses to help target the midsection.
Get off the Couch
Researchers have said being sedentary is just as dangerous as smoking. Not only is sitting for long periods of time bad for our overall health, but it’s also bad for our midsections. Make sure you are moving throughout the day. Take a walk during your lunch break, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do stretches while you catch up on your favorite TV show, or start gardening in your spare time.