Anna Faris Issued Animal Shelter Fine



Source: FameFlynet
Actress Anna Faris has been issued a $5,000 fine amid allegations of dog abandonment.
The fine has been issued by the rescue shelter where Faris reportedly adopted a Chihuahua from four years ago. According to TMZ Faris signed an agreement stating she would take full ownership of the dog, she named Pete. The rescue shelter, Kinder4Rescue, alleges they received a call from a vet on Friday after the pooch was found roaming around North Hollywood looking emaciated and “in bad shape.” Source: CBS
In order to get out of paying the fine, Kinder4Rescue’s owner, Laurel Kinder, told TMZ the actress will have to prove she was actively out looking for the dog. She also revealed they may sue Faris for breach of contract.
TMZ was reportedly told by sources close to the actress and her husband, Chris Pratt, that “the couple is out of state, but they’ve gotten wind that Pete was found, and intend to make arrangements for the dog to be brought home” and that they have “found a nice family home for him.”
No statement has been made from Faris or her reps.