White Castle Launches ‘Love Kit’ For An At-Home Love Castle Valentine’s Day Experience



White Castle
Fast food chain White Castle on Wednesday announced an at-home Love Kit for those who can’t make it to their Love Castle on Valentine’s Day.
The burger chain has famously transformed its restaurants into Love Castles on Valentine’s Day for more than 30 years, offering hostess seating and table service for lucky diners who secure a reservation. Now, White Castle fans who can’t make it to one of the 300-plus participating locations can order a White Castle Love Kit to celebrate the holiday at home.
The demand for in-Castle reservations on Valentine’s Day has started to exceed our capacity, Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle, said in a statement. The new Love Kit is perfect for Cravers near and far to make memorable moments at their very own Love Castles! And it’s a great reminder that no matter where you live, you can satisfy your cravings with either a memorable moment like the Love Kit delivered to your door or a visit to wherever you buy groceries.
The White Castle Love Kit includes a total of 12 Sliders, with four each of the Original Sliders, Classic Cheese Sliders and Jalapeño Cheese Sliders. Along with the sliders, the kit includes instructions for recreating the Sliders’ signature steamed taste, dill pickles to top the Sliders, 12 Valentines Day-themed Slider boxes, a White Castle scented candle and a collection of “Craventine” cards.
The White Castle Love Kit can be ordered at the restaurant’s online store, HouseOfCrave.com, for $49 while supplies last. The kits will be delivered on or before Feb. 12.
Along with the White Castle Love Kit, other Valentine’s Day-themed offerings on HouseOfCrave.com include the pink and red Love Castle robe, heart-shaped Love Castle sunglasses, and two Love Castle T-shirts.
White Castle said reservations for a sit-down Love Castle experience are still available but are going fast.
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