‘Unicorn Armpit Hair’ Taking Social Media by Storm



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With January dubbed “Januhairy” women have been challenged to throw out the sometimes daily task of shaving their armpits and let their hair grow out.
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This year I decided to take part in #januhairy This is a campaign to encourage women to embrace and grow their natural body hair for the month of January and not feel the need to be smooth and hairless to feel beautiful! It was hard at first but I have now become used to the idea of having body hair and I am learning to love it. It has given me so much more confidence in myself and how I look already 💗 My aim for this was to not only challenge myself to see if I can learn to love my own body hair but to raise awareness around the importance of having body confidence as I feel that social media puts so much pressure on young people these days to look a certain way. @_bodygossip is a brilliant campaign that delivers workshops on body confidence in schools. It delivers the message that it is ok to be different and gives young people confidence to accept themselves for who they are. If you want to donate to the campaign Laura is doing a great job over on her crowdfunding page… https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/bodygossip #januhairy #bodygossip #bodyconfidence #noshavenoshame #loveyourbody #hairyisbeautiful

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Needless to say, armpit hair can look a little dull and boring, so why not give it the same attention to detail we give the hair on our head.
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Taking submissions again! ~~~~~ Because of the backlog I probably won't be able to go through every photo that has been submitted since I left. Send yours again! Please be aware any photos sent to me might end up in other media, with or without my approval. I will always do my best to credit you by username. ~~~~~ If you have been posted before but want your picture deleted, SEND ME AN EMAIL indicating in the subject line what you need and please include a link or screenshot of the photo. ~~~~~ NEW: ALSO SUBMIT NEWS I NEED TO KNOW. If you seen an article that relates to: body positivity, feminism, human rights, the USA being an ethical shitpot, or anything you think I want to read, then please DM me a link to the article and a summary of why I need to read it and possibly repost it. #ladypithair #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositive #embraceyourself #bodyfreedom #bodyposi #ladies #bodyhair #bodypositivity

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Enter Unicorn Armpit Hair! It’s the colorful trend some women are adopting in order to turn their grown out armpit hair into colorful works of art.
From strategically placed ombre patterns to solid shades, Unicorn Armpit Hair has taken social media by storm.
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So what do you need to know if you want to take your armpit hair from bland to glam? According to Glamour, it’s a relatively easy process but does take time and requires a lot of upkeep as armpit hair can grow rather quickly.
According to Glamour’s brave writer, she bleached the hair first, which took about 30 minutes. Following that she applied ‘Manic Hot Hot Pink’ hair color and let that sit for a further 30 minutes. One tip she learned during the process: use a mascara wand for precise color application.