The Trick to Making Store Bought Tomato Sauce Taste Homemade



Source: McCormick via Pinterest
While we love homemade tomato sauce, in reality busy days call for store bought sauce.
However, there are a couple of tricks that will make store bought tomato sauce taste pretty close to homemade – and best of all you probably already have the ingredients at hand!
According to Southern Living, the following three things will take your favorite store bought sauce to the next level:
HeatSouthern Living recommends heating the tomato sauce in a pan, rather than serving straight from the jar. Heating over the stove will allow the flavors to blossom and incorporate.
Butter – everything tastes better with butter and tomato sauce is no exception! Southern Living recommends adding a couple of pats of butter to your tomato sauce as it heats on the stove. Not only will butter add a glossy richness, it will also cut down on the acidity.
Herbs and Seasonings – open up your spice cabinet and grab some of your favorite Italian inspired herbs to add to the store bought sauce. From oregano, to basil, red pepper flakes to a dash of garlic powder, adding a few pinches of dried herbs and seasonings will add a homemade taste.