Summer Hair Woes? Ketchup May Help!



Source: Getty Images
It’s summer and if you’ve been hitting the pool you may have noticed one nasty side effect from all that swimming – chlorine-wrecked hair.
Instead of running out to grab a pricy hair mask, the TODAY show reveals help is closer at hand thanks to your favorite bottle of ketchup!
Beauty expert Emma Heming Willis shared her special trick during an appearance on the TODAY show, telling viewers that whenever her hair is displaying damage from chlorine, she creates a hair mask using good old ketchup.
“The tomato and the vinegar is very acidic, so what it’s gonna do is just sort of help with that chlorine buildup in your hair,” Heming Willis, who is married to actor Bruce Willis told TODAY viewers.
According to Heming Willis, you want to slather the ketchup on thick, place your hair in a top knot and cover your hair with a plastic shower cap to let the ketchup seep in.
After 30 to 90 minutes, Heming Willis told TODAY viewers that all you need to do is simply wash out the ketchup with shampoo and conditioner.