Nine-Year-Old Tops YouTube’s Highest-Paid Stars for 2020



Source: Ryan Kaji Family YouTube
For the third year in a row, Ryan Kaji has topped the list of Forbes highest-paid YouTube stars for 2020.
According to Forbes, the nine-year-old raked in a jaw-dropping $29.5 million with the majority coming from “licensing deals for more than 5,000 Ryan’s World products” including everything from toys to bedroom decor.
Kaji, whose channel focuses on unboxing toys, playing games, and conducting science experiments began his YouTube career at the tender age of three. He has since expanded his empire to a Nickelodeon series called Ryan’s Mystery Playdate.
Rounding out the top three list for Forbes highest-paid YouTube stars for 2020 are Jimmy Donaldson (AKA Mrs. Beast) with $24 million and Dude Perfect – a group of five brothers who share videos of themselves playing with items such as Nerf Guns and performing trick shots – with just under $23 million.