New Study Links Green Tea Consumption with Breast Cancer Protection



Source: Shutterstock
A new study, published in the journal Anticancer Research, has found a link between green and oolong tea consumption and breast cancer protection.
The study was carried out by researchers at St. Louis University in Missouri, led by Chunfa Huang, PhD. Extracts of green, oolong, black and other dark teas were tested against various breast cancer cells.
According to Reader’s Digest, the study found green and oolong teas could stop the growth of breast cancer cells, whilst black and other dark teas had no effect.
“From our results, oolong tea, much like green tea, plays a role in inhibiting breast cancer cell growth, proliferation, and tumor progression,” Reader’s Digest reports Huang as telling Medical News Today. Huang also noted that oolong, like green tea, can confer additional benefits to regular drinkers, such as lowering cholesterol, abdominal fat, and it may even offer protection against other types of cancer.