Mobile Phone Inventor Urges Users to ‘Get a Life!’



Source: Martin Cooper
The man credited with inventing the mobile phone has revealed people who spend too much time on their phones should probably rethink their priorities.
In an interview with BBC Breakfast, 93-year-old engineer Martin Cooper – who is widely credited as the ‘father of the cell phone’ shared he doesn’t actually use a cell phone that much.
When asked about people spending hours on their phones each day, Cooper suggested we may want to “get a life” instead!
Cooper revealed he spends less than 5 percent of his time using a mobile device, much lower than the national average.
According to Metro UK, a WhistleOut survey of 1,000 Americans found that millennials spend upwards of 23.1 percent of their day glued to a phone. For Gen Xers, that number dropped to 16.5 percent, and Baby Boomers spent 9.9 percent of their day scrolling.
WhistleOut estimated that the average phone user will spend 8.74 years on their phones over the course of their lifetime.