Jill Duggar Addresses Giving Breast Milk to Family Dog



Source: Instagram

Jill Duggar is defending her decision to feed the family rescue dog her unused breast milk, telling fans, “She’s totally fine.”

The 19 Kids and Counting Star took to Instagram to give fans a back-story on the incident, revealing she had years-old breast milk in the freezer that her 3-year-old son, Samuel, asked to try.

“I’ve had my last teeny bottle of breast milk in the freezer for nearly a couple years now (both my boys stopped breastfeeding around 2 years old and Sam is almost 4 now!),” Jill captioned a picture of their rescue dog, Fenna, drinking the milk. “Well, Sam randomly asked to try it recently and it didn’t look or smell bad when I thawed it out so i let him try it. As expected, he didn’t like it after trying a couple sips.”

Jill then let Fenna try the milk, joking, “Needless to say, now all 3 of my children have now had breast milk.”

“Also, before any of you jump on me for feeding it to the dog, she’s fine,” Duggar pointed out in her Instagram post. “She’s totally fine. I wouldn’t have given it to her if i thought it would make her sick. So just chill mkay?!”