Inaugural Florida Man Games Draws Hundreds To St. Augustine For Contests Ripped From Headlines



Florida Man Games
The first Florida Man Games were held in St. Augustine on Saturday, where hundreds of people turned out to embrace their national Florida Man reputation.
Promoted as a a one-of-a-kind Floridian spectacle, the inaugural Florida Man Games, held at Francis Field in St. Augustine, south of Jacksonville, were organized by Pete Melfi, founder of local news outlet The 904 Now. The event benefited Jimmy Jam Community Outreach, a nonprofit that helps local residents in need.
Teams of five competed across all the main events, testing their strength in the Weaponized Pool Noodle Mud Duel, and their agility in the Evading Arrest Obstacle Course, in which competitors had to jump over fences, through back yards, and away from actual police officers to earn their freedom.
The Category 5 Cash Grab subjected competitors to hurricane-force winds as they tried to grab flying cash out of the air, while the Beer Belly Florida Sumo is self-explanatory.
The Catalytic Convertor, 2 Bikes, And a Handful of Copper Pipes race allowed competitors to live a day in the life of a Florida Man headline.
Attendees could also guzzle beer or participate in a pulled pork eating contest., and for entertainment, there was a Mullet Contest, a Florida Ma’am Pinup Contest, and Chicken Coop Bingo.
Two chickens will decide whether you win or lose in this fun, dirty game inspired by our Floridian family in places like Deland or Interlachen, where they literally do this for fun because they don’t know that cell phones exist yet, the organizers wrote on the event’s website.
Attendees could also ride a mechanical alligator, and challenge their friends in the Wipeout Log Slammer or the Faceoff Obstacle Course.
The event closed with the 911 Fight Night Brawl of the Badges, in which police faced off against firefighters to prove who’s the toughest behind the badge.
The Florida Man Games were judged by Dan Nitro Clark and Lori Ice Fetrick, former stars of the 1990s TV show “American Gladiators.” The pair recently appeared in the Netflix documentary Muscles and Mayhem about the iconic series.
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