How to Reap the Benefits of Black Friday Shopping



Source: Alamy
If you are planning to head to the stores to take advantage of Black Friday shopping, you may want to study up on these tips beforehand to make sure you get the most out of your shopping extravaganza.
Use Apps Source: Flipp
Looking to get the best price possible, but not looking forward to perusing paper circulars? Try the “Flipp” app for android, or iPhone. It will allow you to flip through digital versions of your favorite store flyers, save items to a shopping list, digitally clip coupons, load up your loyalty reward cards and search via keyword for something specific.
Looking to earn some money back from all that shopping? Try ‘Ebates” – there are more than 2,000 retailers that participate in this app, allowing you to earn a percentage back of your purchase every time you shop online. Each store offers a different cash back amount – normally between 2% to 6%, although that percentage can vary during the holiday shopping period.
Keep a Checklist Source: Pinterest
Pinterest is full of free printable checklists. Print one out before Black Friday and fill it in with specific bargains you want to snag. Having an organized plan in hand will make your Black Friday shopping experience more fruitful. Put your “must-have” items at the top of the list and head to that store first.
Keep Protein Snacks on Hand Source: Google
All that shopping, especially after gorging on a big Thanksgiving turkey dinner, can make you feel lethargic and grumpy. Who wants to be a “hangry” Black Friday shopper! Keep some protein snacks in your purse for when you start to feel that energy fade away. Little zip-lock bags of almonds, string cheese, granola bars, trail mix, or a banana will all do the trick – and there’s always coffee!
Shop with a Friend Source: Alamy
Not only is it more enjoyable, you can also work in tandem to snag items off your ‘must have’ lists.
Get Gift Receipts Source: Container Store
Make sure you note each store’s return policy and ask for a gift receipt. It will make the process of returning, or exchanging a gift receipt so much easier. We recommend stashing a paper, or plastic envelope in your purse and storing receipts in there as you shop.
The main thing to remember is that there are always bargains to be had. Whether you are physically shopping in store, or online shopping in your PJ’s, you need a list and a plan to avoid purchasing items you really don’t need, just because they’re on sale!