Minimalist Purse Must-Haves



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Minimalism is everywhere. From social media to minimalist book authors – everyone is touting the minimalist lifestyle and that includes minimizing what we carry.

Chiropractors have for years been advising us to lighten up what we carry, with many people suffering back, neck and shoulder injuries from lugging around everything but the kitchen sink in their handbags.
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Of course a minimalist purse depends on your lifestyle. If you are a mom of young children, carrying a purse with minimal contents is unrealistic. So take at look at your lifestyle, take note of purse items you actually use on a daily basis and plan accordingly. Some people even recommend keeping a car bag filled with emergency items you ‘may’ use to avoid carrying a large, heavy purse.
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Once you’ve whittled down your items, a minimalist purse should contain the following basic ‘must have’ items for most women:

Small credit card case
Lip product/chap-stick
Medication and one emergency feminine product
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A small cross-body bag, like this one from Fossil works perfectly for a minimalist purse. Unlike carrying a large bag, you won’t be tempted to fill it up with items you don’t need.
Source: Lyst/JuicyCoutour

If you truly want to be hands free, a mini backpack like this one from Juicy Couture will hold just what you need and nothing more!