Dr. Oz Reveals 4 Ways to Strengthen Immune System



Source: NBC/Today Show
With so much concern over the coronavirus and the detrimental effects it can have on those with existing health conditions, many of us are focusing on ways we can improve our immune system.
Dr. Oz shared four tips on how to strengthen the immune system with TODAY viewers this week – and they’re all things we should be doing regardless of COVID-19. According to Dr. Oz, there are four specific areas we should focus on: supplements, sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet.
Dr. Oz told TODAY show viewers it’s important to get a good night’s sleep, revealing meditation can also help in boosting our immune system.
“Something as simple as a five-minute yoga tactic,” Dr. Oz shared. “Go sit on the toilet seat, put it down — you’re not going to the bathroom — sit there, quiet yourself and just realize that it’s OK. No one will bother you there.”
Eating a diet full of healthy fruits and vegetable is also important, with Dr. Oz suggesting smoothies for packing in plenty of antioxidants to help boost the immune system.
While Dr. Oz acknowledged taking supplements won’t prevent catching the coronavirus, he did suggest taking vitamin D, C, Zinc and Elderberry supplements to help improve our immune system.
“Supplements have never been shown to beat coronavirus, however there are some tactics that will slow down the progression of viruses in general,” he said. “So ideas that work well generally are vitamin D, which you get from the sun, but this time of year you’ve got to take it as a supplement.”