Cup Noodles’ New Everything Bagel With Cream Cheese Flavor Is ‘Saucy,’ Not Soupy



Cup Noodles
Cup Noodles on Tuesday announced its new, limited-edition Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese flavor.
Cup Noodles Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese takes one of the most popular breakfast orders in the U.S. and turns it into a hot cup of instant ramen, combining noodles with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, dried onion and caraway seeds in a cream-cheese flavored sauce.
The iconic instant ramen brand said that unlike the original Cup Noodles, the product is saucy, not soup based.
We know noodle fans and foodies are constantly finding ways to elevate their instant ramen with different sauces, seasonings and unexpected ingredients, Priscila Stanton, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nissin Foods USA, said in a statement. More specifically, consumers have been adding a dash of Everything Seasoning to their ramen since the craze took off and we took inspiration from our consumer base to give everyone’s favorite noodles a creamy twist.
Nissin Foods, founded by Momofuku Ando, developed the world’s first instant ramen in 1958, and now produces innovative limited-edition flavors alongside its classic lineup.
Alongside the new Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese flavor, the Cup Noodles Breakfast is will be returning to shelves for a limited time.
Cup Noodles Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese will be available exclusively at Walmart stores and online at beginning next week.
TMX contributed to this article.