Barbie Releases Special Recycled-Plastic Jane Goodall Doll



Source: Mattel
Renowned conservationist Jane Goodall is getting her own Barbie doll – and best of all, it will be made from recycled ocean-bound plastic!
Mattel announced they would honor Goodall with a Barbie doll made in her likeness, complete with a safari outfit and binoculars!
The doll is in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute and, according to People, was introduced alongside Barbie’s “2022 Barbie Career of the Year Eco-Leadership Team” – a Barbie set featuring an environmental advocate, a renewable energy engineer, a chief sustainability officer, and a conservation scientist.
“Kids need more role models like Dr. Jane Goodall,” said Lisa McKnight, Mattel’s executive vice president and global head of Barbie and dolls, said in a statement. “We hope that this collection and homage to a groundbreaking pioneer for women in science and conservation inspires kids to learn more about green careers, how they can protect the planet, and act out sustainable stories through doll play.”
“My entire career, I’ve wanted to help inspire kids to be curious and explore the world around them – just like I did when I first traveled to Tanzania 62 years ago. I’m thrilled to partner with Barbie and encourage young children to learn from their environment and feel a sense that they can make a difference,” Goodall said in a statement reported by People.