Airline’s New App Helps Book Flight from Instagram Screenshot



Source: EasyJet
There’s nothing like scrolling through Instagram to get a little travel envy, but now – should you have the funds – one airline is letting customers book a flight directly from an inspiring Instagram screenshot!
EasyJet’s new Look and Book app allows Instagram followers to screenshot a particular travel location they’re lusting after and upload it into the app. Using geolocation tagging the app then suggests travel dates and current ticket prices to seamlessly book a plane ticket to the airport closest to the destination.
“We were aware of what was going on in Instagram – that aspirational feel that when you see a celebrity or a friend doing something fun and wanting to know where they are,” EasyJet’s head of digital experience, Daniel Young, told Campaign. “But what was happened was you find the photo, try and work out where it is, go into Google and find the nearest airport, then go to an airline’s website. We saw an opportunity to close that gap into a seamless process.”